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ID Number: 1211-WV04-40524-01 
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Owner: Coal-Mac, Inc. Dba Phoenix Coal-Mac Mining, Inc.

(304) 23-7522
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Height: 330 ft. 
Maximum Capacity: 2,800 acre-feet
121,968,000 ft3
912,251,308 gallons 
Latitude: 3745'24 
Longitude: 8204'45 
Inspections: weekly 
DEP Classification: Class C Dam 
Last Revision: 2/16/2002 
Emergency Numbers: N/A
(N/A) -N/AExt. null



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Remarks: On 10/15/03, ownership was transferred from Falcon Land to Coal-Mac, Inc. Dba Phoenix Coal-Mac Mining, Inc.. We are currently in the process of obtainng the most recent Emergency Warning Plan.  
 Quick Emergency Plan

Emergency Information

Impoundment Identification Number: 1211-WV04-40524-01

Emergency Numbers

  • N/A - (N/A) -N/A Ext. null
  • 911
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration Hotline
  • Logan County Sheriff's Department - (304) 792-8590
  • Logan County Office of Emergency Services - (304) 752-3845

In Case of Evacuation

  1. In an emergency evacuation, affected residents will be notified and given instruction by the Logan County Sheriff's Department. Notification will be given personally or by loudspeaker or bullhorn. Citizens are requested to follow the evacuation routes identified on the map shown.
  2. The Office of Emergency Services will be the agency in charge once evacuation procedures have begun.
  3. Citizens should report to the evacuation center at the Stirrat Community Church.
  4. Transportation will be provided to those evacuees who are in need of it. This will be the responsibility of the Logan County Office of Emergency Services, Sheriff's Department, Board of Education, and the WV State Police.

Actions and Responsibilities of First Responders in Case of Evacuation

  1. Notification of downstream persons.
  2. Transportation of evacuees with priority to the infirm or disabled.
  3. Everyone living or working downstream of the impoundment as indicated will be asked to evacuate.
  4. Setup roadblocks around the evacuation area as shown on the map to prevent unauthorized access and looting.
  5. Establish evacuation center at the Stirrat Community Church,
  6. The Logan County Office of Emergency Services shall have charge of the evacuation center to ensure that all evacuees have registered and that all inquiries directed to the center shall be cared for. The Red Cross shall control the evacuation center after it has all been established.

Contact Numbers

  1. N/A , N/A
    Phone: (N/A) -N/A

  2. WV Division of Environmental Protection , N/A
    Phone: (800) 654-3312

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