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ID Number: 1211-WV03-00209-00 
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Owner: Energy Marketing Company, Inc.

(304) 457-1001
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Height: 130 ft. 
Maximum Capacity: 1,550 acre-feet
67,518,000 ft3
504,996,260 gallons 
Latitude: 3905'55 
Longitude: 8011'02 
Inspections: weekly 
DEP Classification: Class C Dam 
Last Revision: 10/15/2005 
Emergency Numbers: Energy Marketing Company, Inc.
(304) 457-3390Ext. null



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 Quick Emergency Plan

Emergency Information

Impoundment Identification Number: 1211-WV03-00209-00

Emergency Numbers

  • Energy Marketing Company, Inc. - (304) 457-3390 Ext. null
  • 911
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration - (304) 225-6800 Ext. null
  • Barbour County Sheriff's Department - (304) 457-2352
  • Barbour County Office of Emergency Services - (304) 457-2222

In Case of Evacuation

  1. Evacuation: In the event an evacuation notice is given, people in the area indicated on the attached map will be notified by law enforcement officers with the assistance of the Philippi Fire Department and Energy Marketing Company and Mr. Wells Davis as needed. Everyone within the evacuation area as shown on the attached map will be asked to evacuate to one of the evacuation centers. Roadblocks will be established to control entry to the area.
  2. Evacuation or assistance to persons stranded in homes due to highway1 bridge washout will be assisted by the Barbour Co OEM personnel a needed.
  3. Citizens should report to the evacuation center at the area indicated on the map.
  4. Transportation will be provided to those evacuees who are in need of it. This will be the responsibility of the Barbour County Office of Emergency Services, Sheriff's Department, Board of Education, and the WV State Police

Actions and Responsibilities of First Responders in Case of Evacuation

  1. Establish command post, direct emergency operations, organize efforts, direct officials of cooperating agencies, coordinate efforts.
  2. Transportation of evacuees, list of inform or disabled
  3. Police will secure area to prevent looting and roadblocks will be placed to prevent unauthorized entry.
  4. Location of evacuation centers
  5. Agencies in charge of evacuation centers, including flood, handle inquires on status of evacuees.
  6. Notification of utilities.

Contact Numbers

  1. Wells Davis , N/A
    Energy Marketing Company
    Phone: (304) 457-3390

  2. Richard Mayle , Mr.
    Wolfe & Associates
    Phone: (304) 825-1347
    Alternate Phone: (304) 592-0987

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