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Image of the Impoundment Icon. Leslie Resources, Inc.
 Company Information
Leslie Resources, Inc.
Ashland, KY
(606) 920-7400

Listing of Coal Impoundments (Click the column head to sort by that item)

MSHA ID No. Impoundment Name State County Town
1211-KY07-07022-05  Fugate Fork Slurry Impoundment  KY  BREATHITT  CLAYHOLE 
1211-KY07-07118-01  Cockrell Fork Dam  KY  PERRY  DICE 
1211-KY07-07097-01  Rowdy Branch Dam  KY  PERRY  DICE 
1211-KY07-07089-02  Wiley Miller Dam  KY  PERRY  ENGLE 
1211-KY07-07089-01  Hollybush Dam  KY  PERRY  ENGLE 
1211-KY07-07058-09  Left Fork Slurry Impoundment  KY  LESLIE  WENDOVER 
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