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Storage Alternatives Dry Coal Cleaning Methods Remediation/Waste Utilization

Remediation/Waste Utilization

Technology: Cofiring coal-water slurry with pulverized coal
Organization: Penn State University (NOTE: GE Energy and Environmental Research Corp. holds a U.S. patent, 6152054, on a technology that sounds very similar)
Description: A low solids, low viscosity coal-water slurry fuel (CWSF) was formulated and produced from impounded bituminous coal fines. The CWSF is cofired with pulverized coal to reduce NOX emissions
Status: Demonstrated Research
Advantages: NOX emissions were reduced up to 26.5% when compared to firing 100% pulverized coal.
Limitations: N/A
Technology: Coal Waste to Diesel
Organization: Waste Management and Processors Inc.
Description: Coal waste gasification by thermal, chemical conversion to paraffin, then diesel
Status: Research and Development
Advantages: By-product may be used like sand for concrete, mortar or plaster.
Limitations: Pilot plant planned using Sasol process
Technology: Concrete encasement
Organization: Contaminated Land Remediation (CCLR), University of Greenwich (United Kingdom)
Description: Coal slurry is stabilized by encapsulating in cement
Status: Research
Advantages: Final product may be used as building material.
Limitations: Effect of contaminants on structural characteristics, potential for leaching.
Technology: Hydraulic dredging
Organization: Metcalf & Eddy
Description: Hydraulic dredging of a coal tar deposit and the separation of solids, utilizing double deck vibratory screens, from a slurry consisting of river water, coal tar and sediments.
Status: Pilot project
Advantages: Effective removal of coal tar beds from rivers
Limitations: Process requires large volume of water
Technology: Pneumatic Accelerator
Organization: Terra Systems, Inc.
Description: Uses air rather than water to move coal or slurry.
Status: Patented, not developed
Advantages: Applications in coal processing and slurry remediation
Limitations: Small company, extensive development required
Technology: Coal-sawdust fuel mixture
Organization: CQ Inc
Description: A coal-sawdust fuel mixture made utilizing the GranuFlow Process, a National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) developed technology, that separates and dewaters coal fines from coal slurry
Status: DOE Research
Advantages: N/A
Limitations: N/A
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