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Residents in Appalachian states face the treat of spills and other impoundment failures every year. To help solve this problem, we are working with government agencies, companies and citizensí groups to accurately identify each spill and its cause. Key allies in our efforts include the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Below is a listing of coal slurry release incidents from coal preparatory and impoundment facilities located in the United States. We have made diligent efforts to ensure that the information in this list is accurate. We welcome information that can improve our accuracy. Please contact us at (304) 243-2316 or at In addition, some discrepancies exist between reports dealing with the same incident(s), we have worked to resolve any such differences, and have used the conservative amounts when there is confusion.

Spill Sizes
We have included all release events and have identified their volume. The size of spills or materials released, vary greatly. Some are several thousand gallons and some are in the hundreds of millions of gallons. To the persons living downstream, a small release may be just as problematic as a large release. Small releases also can be helpful in identifying where problems areas exist, which can be addressed before larger problems occur. Also, spills result from a variety of causes. We have attempted to identify the causes as reported by the news media, state, or federal agencies.

We are committed to providing you with the latest information on impoundment failures, and have listed all of the incidents known to us and the best available description as to their causes. We are working with governmental agencies, companies and citizens groups to accurately identify each spill and its cause, and we will continue to work with the citizens, companies and others to develop as accurate a list as possible.

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